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Published in 2001, A Century of Excellence in Measurements, Standards, and Technology: A Chronicle of Selected NBS/NIST Publications, 1901-2000 (SP958) commemorates the centennial of the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) by presenting brief accounts of selected classic NIST publications. These publications illustrate the rich history of the Institute’s scientific and technical accomplishments and the broad scope of its contributions to the U.S.

The Century of Excellence collection, based on the printed publication, consists of short accounts describing 102 representative publications that had a significant impact during the agency’s first century. Out of the tens of thousands of papers appearing in print, these 102 were chosen to illustrate the range of activities covered by the NIST publication program, which includes articles published in scholarly journals as well as papers in NIST’s own publication series’. Many other deserving papers are listed in the bibliographies accompanying each account. A Century of Excellence was edited by David R. Lide. Its 102 vignettes were written by NIST staff. Click here to browse.


Title Author Page
Foreword Kammer, Raymond G. iii
Table of Contents vii
Introduction Lide, David R. (editor) 1
The Absolute Measurement of Inductance Jeffrey, A-M. ; Mayo-Wells, J.F. 5
Determination of the Constants of Total Radiation From a Black Body Parr, Albert C. 7
The Testing of Thermal Insulators Zarr, Robert R. 10
Precipitation Hardening of Metal Alloys Coriell, Sam 14
Construction and Operation of a Simple Homemade Radio Receiving Outfit Belanger, Brian 16
Methods for Standardizing and Testing Precision Gage Blocks Doiron, Ted 19
Recommended Minimum Requirements for Small Dwelling Construction Zingeser, Joel P. 22
Visibility of Radiant Energy Hardis, Jonathan E. 25
Test of the Severity of Building Fires Evans, David ; Wright, Richard 28
Calculation of Compounds in Portland Cements Frohnsdorff, Geoffrey 33
Development of the Visual-Type Airway Radio-Beacon System Oser, Hans J. 38
A Hydrogen Isotope of Mass 2 Hamer, Walter J.; Peiser, H. Steffen 43
Air Flow and Turbulence in Boundary Layers Mease, Norman A.; Potzick, James E. 46
Thermodynamic Properties of Water and Steam for Power Generation Harvey, Allan H.; Sengers, Johanna M. H. Levelt 49
Absolute Pressure Calibrations of Microphones Nedzelnitsky, Victor 53
Absolute Determination of the Ampere Williams, E. R.; Belecki, N. B.; Mayo-Wells, J. F. 56
Radio Proximity Fuzes Lyons, John W.; Fonoroff, B. 59
Stability of Double-Walled Manganin Resistors Dziuba, R. ; Mayo-Wells, J. F. 63
Manufacture of Paper for War Maps and Other Applications Wilson, William K. 66
Transmission of Sound Waves in Gases at Low Pressures Proctor, Thomas M. 69
Atomic Energy Levels and Other Spectroscopic Data Wiese, Wolfgang L. 73
Iteration Method for the Solution of the Eigenvalue Problem of Linear Differential and Integral Operators O'Leary, Dianne P. 77
Methods of Conjugate Gradients for Solving Linear Systems O'Leary, Dianne P. 81
Computer Development at the National Bureau of Standards Kirsch, Russell A. 86
Thermal Converters as AC-DC Transfer Standards for Current and Voltage Measurements at Audio Frequencies Kinard, J. R.; Belecki, N. B.; Mayo-Wells, J. F. 90
Selected Values of Chemical Thermodynamic Properties Lide, David R. 93
Applied Inorganic Analysis Beck II, Charles M. 97
The Diamond Anvil Pressure Cell Piermarini, Gasper ; Block, Stanley 100
Polymer Crystallization With Folded Chains Khoury, Freddy ; Davis, Tom 104
Cryogenic Engineering Kropschot, Richard H. 107
Reversal of the Parity Conservation Law in Nuclear Physics Hudson, Ralph P. 111
Effects of Configuration Interaction on Intensities and Phase Shifts Clark, Charles W. 116
Electromagnetic Waves in Stratified Media Hill, D. A. 120
Second Breakdown in Transistors Schafft, Harry A. 123
Stress Relaxation With Finite Strain Kearsley, Elliot ; Bernstein, Barry 126
Realistic Evaluation of the Precision and Accuracy of Instrument Calibration Systems Croarkin, M. Carroll 129
Experimental Statistics Croarkin, M. Carroll 132
Handbook of Mathematical Functions Boisvert, Ronald F.; Lozier, Daniel W. 135
Paths, Trees and Flowers Witzgall, Christoph ; Boisvert, Ronald ; Cheok, Geraldine ; Gass, Saul ; Goldman, Alan ; Lawrence, James 140
Concepts, Terminology, and Notation for Optical Modulation McCamy, Calvin S. 145
Theory of Light Scattering in Fluids Mountain, Raymond D. 149
Scaling Analysis of Thermodynamic Properties in the Critical Region of Fluids Mountain, Raymond D. 152
Resonance Tunneling of Field Emitted Electrons Through Adsorbates on Metal Surfaces Gadzuk, J. W. 155
Quantitative Electron Probe Microanalysis Newbury, Dale E. 160
Limits for Qualitative Detection and Quantitative Determination Lindstrom, Richard M. 164
Traceability: An Evolving Concept Belanger, Brian ; Garner, Ernest ; Brickencamp, Carroll ; Ehrlich, Charles 167
Code for Information Interchange Gray, Martha M. 172
Consumer Information Series Leight, Walter G.; Tilley, W. Reeves 174
Theory of Isoperibol Calorimetry for Laser Power and Energy Measurement Scott, Thomas R. 178
Influence of Water on Crack Growth in Glass Fuller, Edwin ; Freiman, Stephen 181
Phase Equilibria Diagrams Munro, Ronald ; Ondik, Helen ; Vanderah, Terrell 184
Determination of Reduced Cells in Crystallography Mighell, Alan D.; Munro, Ronald 188
Speed of Light From Direct Frequency and Wavelength Measurements Sullivan, Donald B. 191
Connecting Visible Wavelength Standards With X Rays and {gamma}Rays Deslattes, Richard D. 194
Laser Cooling of Atoms Sullivan, D. B. 200
Spin-Polarized Electrons Pierce, Daniel T.; Celotta, Robert J. 203
Needs for Radioactivity Standards and Measurements in Different Fields Coursey, Bert 209
The Topografiner: An Instrument for Measuring Surface Microtopography Villarurubia, J. S.; Scire, F.; Teague, E. C. ; Gadzuk, J. W. 214
Electron-Stimulated Desorption Madey, Ted ; Yates, John 219
Photochemistry of Small Molecules McNesby, James R.; Klein, Ralph 224
Role of Standard Reference Materials in Measurement Systems Gills, Thomas E. 227
Metrology and Standardization to Assist Industrializing Economies Branscomb, Lewis M. 230
Publications Taking Us Toward a Metric America Richter, Ralph A. 234
A New Approach to Manipulator Control: The Cerebellar Model Articulation Controller Albus, James S. 237
Three Dimensional Metrology Doiron, Ted 241
Initial Graphics Exchange Specifications Kemmerer, Sharon K. 246
Data Encryption Standard Burr, William E. 250
OMNIDATA and the Computerization of Scientific Data Rumble Jr., John R. 254
FORTRAN Test Programs Cugini, John 258
Design and Evaluation Criteria for Energy Conservation in New Buildings Heldenbrand, Jim L. 260
Computer Program for Heating and Cooling Loads in Buildings Walton, George 266
Methods for Testing and Rating the Performance of Heating and Air Conditioning Systems Hill, James E. 270
System for Fire Safety Evaluation of Health Care Facilities Nelson, Harold 275
Estimation of Rate of Heat Release by Means of Oxygen Consumption Measurements Steckler, Kenneth D. 280
Probability-Based Load Criteria for Structural Design Ellingwood, Bruce R. 283
Resistivity-Dopant Density Relationship for Phosphorus-Doped Silicon Thurber, W. R. 289
Critical Data for Critical Needs Rumble, John R. 291
Materials at Low Temperatures Fickett, Fred 294
Optical Fiber Characterization Franzen, D. L. 297
Quasicrystals Munro, Ronald ; Handwerker, Carol 300
Protein Crystallography by Joint X-Ray and Neutron Diffraction Berk, Norman F. 303
Strain Effects in Superconducting Compounds Ekin, J. W. 306
Dental Research at the National Bureau of Standards Tesk, John ; Munro, Ronald 309
Handbook for Standard Reference Materials Users Gills, Thomas E. 313
A Practical Josephson Voltage Standard at One Volt Tang, Y. ; Mayo-Wells, J. F. 315
Plane-Wave Scattering-Matrix Theory of Antennas and Antenna-Antenna Interactions Repjar, A. G.; Mayo-Wells, J. F. 319
The Automated Manufacturing Research Facility Albus, James S. 322
Submicrometer Linewidth Metrology Postek, Michael T.; Larrabee, Robert D. 328
Observation of Atoms Laser-Cooled Below the Doppler Limit Rolston, Steven 331
Laser-Excited Hot-Electron Induced Desorption Gadzuk, J. W. 334
Measurement of the Universal Gas Constant Using an Acoustic Resonator Moldover, Michael R. 339
Thermal and Oxidative Degradation of Polymers Kashiwagi, Takashi 344
HAZARD I: Software for Fire Hazard Assessment Bukowski, Richard 347
Analysis of the Catastrophic Rupture of a Pressure Vessel Siewert, Tom 350
Curing Those Uncontrollable Fits of Interaction Libes, Don 353
Baldrige Criteria for Performance Excellence Reimann, Curt ; Smyth, Debbie 357
The Advanced Technology Program Sienkiewicz, Robert ; Spivack, Richard N. 359
NIST Manufacturing Extension Partnership O'Brien, Anita 363
Questions and Answers on Quality Breitenberg, Maureen 366
Uniformity in Weights and Measures Laws and Regulations Koenig, Joan 368
Certification of 10 m Diameter Polystyrene Spheres ("Space Beads") Lettieri, Tom 371
Bose-Einstein Condensation in a Dilute Atomic Vapor Faller, James 375
Index Lide, David R. (editor) 379
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