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About this collection

Collections of images of employees and staff at the National Bureau of Standards and the National Institute of Standards and Technology over the years

Photos taken for NBS employee badges in 1918

Award Winners

High quality work by National Bureau of Standards / National Institute of Standards and Technology staff is recognized every year by awards from NIST itself, outside groups, and from the Federal government. These images include 1992 R&D 100 entry forms accompanied by photographs of the product and principal developer(s).

Heat Division

Photographs of Heat Division staff.

Jacob Rabinow

This collection contains images pertaining to Jacob Rabinow, a prominent researcher at the National Bureau of Standards (NBS). He came to the NBS in 1938 as a junior mechanical engineer.  Before he left government service in 1954 to form his own engineering company, Rabinow rose to the position of Chief of the Electro-Mechanical Ordnance Division.  In this capacity, Rabinow played critical roles in such important NBS World War II achievements as the development of the proximity fuze and the BAT guided missile.  After working for a time at Control Data Corporation, which purchased his company in 1964, Rabinow returned to NBS in 1972 as Chief Research Engineer of the National Engineering Laboratory.  Retiring in 1975, he returned once more as a rehired annuitant to serve as Chief Consultant for the Office of Energy-Related Inventions.  In 1998, he became a guest researcher in the Office of Information Services. Rabinow passed away in 1999. In 2005 he was inducted into the National Inventors Hall of Fame.

NBS-NIST Directors

This collection features photographs from the NIST archives and photos of the official painted portraits of directors of the National Bureau of Standards and National Institute of Standards and Technology.

NBS Employees Circa 1918 

In the latter years of World War I, the National Bureau of Standards (NBS) implemented security measures which included a badge for each employee. Nearly 1,500 employees “were photographed for pass and identification purposes” according to the fiscal year 1919 report to the Secretary of Commerce from NBS’ Director (Annual Report of the Director, Bureau of Standards, to the Secretary of Commerce for the Fiscal Year Ended June 30, 1919, Miscellaneous Publications No. 40, p. 291). The collection contains individual identification photographs of NBS employees. Each employee is shown with a number, presumably employee number. Accompanying documentation identifies employees by number and division.

NBS Extracurricular Activities

The National Bureau of Standards (NBS) sponsored many extracurricular activities for its staff and researchers. This collection documents activities such as annual picnics and field days between the 1930s and 1980s. These images are restricted to on-campus viewing.

NBS-NIST Employees

Images from the NIST Archives with descriptive information from the archival biographical files of current and former NBS/NIST staff.

NIST Photographer Portraits

Images of NBS/NIST directors, scientists, engineers, program managers and other staff taken by the NIST photographer. 

Office of Technical Information and Publications

Various photographs of the Office of Technical Information and Publications employees in professional and casual settings. W. Reeves Tilley was Chief of the Office of Technical Information and Publication and supervised a section devoted to the staging of special events for the National Bureau of Standards (NBS), publications-oriented sections that included editorial, redacting, photographic, and illustration capabilities, and a computer-assisted printing section. His groups rendered assistance to all NBS staff members in preparing their work for publication. In addition, they prepared motion pictures on NBS projects, scheduled tours, interacted with the technical press, arranged conferences, and responded to queries from the public. These images are restricted to on-campus viewing.

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