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 NIST Publications


The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) has published a wide variety of scientific publications that document over 100 years of research and innovation. The NIST Digital Archives provides electronic copies of these publications, including the following:


Journal of Research

Journal of Research, NBS Scientific Papers, NBS Technologic Papers, and NBS Bulletin

These articles report results of NIST research in science and technology from 1904 to the present day. The four publications are available electronically here:

NIST History Volumes

NIST History Volumes

The complete history of NIST (formerly the National Bureau of Standards) from 1901 through 1993 is documented in three volumes. These histories are available electronically here:

Scientific Papers

NBS Circulars

Circulars were compilations of information on various subjects related to the Bureau's scientific, technical,
and engineering activities. They included not only the results of Bureau studies, but give data of general interest from other sources. This series also contained Recommended Specifications, United States Government Specifications, and United States Government Master Specifications formerly issued by the Bureau. These bore a specification number in addition to the Bureau Circular number, but all of these specifications were canceled or superseded by Federal Specifications, now formulated by the Federal Specifications Board. The series was discontinued in June 1959 and "circular" material was directed to the Journal of Research and the Monograph series.

Circulars included here:

Index of Early NIST Publications
Volume 1: 1901 to June 1947 & Volume 2: July 1947 to June 1957

These two publications indexes are part of the NBS Circulars, a series of compilations on various subjects related to the Bureau’s scientific, technical, and engineering activities. They are available electronically here:

NBS Circular 505 - Preservation of the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution of the United States
A publication of the National Bureau of Standards describing the work performed by the agency to preserve the U.S. Declaration of Independence and Constitution.

NBS Circular 433 - Physical Properties of Dental Materials
An early publication of dental research by NBS scientists Wilmer Souder and George C. Paffenbarger

A Century of ExcellenceScientific Papers






A Century of Excellence

This publication, published in 2001, commemorates the centennial of NIST by presenting brief accounts of selected classic NIST publications. Click here to access this publication.


Polymers Division Annual Reports

This collection of Annual Reports was created as part of NIST's Materials Science and Engineering Division (MSED) Centennial Celebration. It contains the Annual Reports of MSED's Polymers Division from 1979-1997. Click here to access these reports.


NBS Summary Technical Reports

The NBS Summary Technical Reports (STRs) were typically brief summaries of research, developments, and test activities conducted by the National Bureau of Standards (NBS). Report topics were chosen for their importance to contemporary scientists, engineers, and industry members. The reports were published by the NBS Office of Public Information and were sometimes included in the NBS Technical News Bulletin. The series began in 1946 as the NBS Technical Reports, and was changed to the NBS Summary Technical Reports in 1953. The series was discontinued in 1975. Click here to access these reports.


For more information about types of NIST series publications click here.


The NIST Publications Portal is another way to locate NIST publications where you will find links to publication databases specific to the NIST laboratories which represent broad areas of research such as chemistry, physics, information technology, and materials science.

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